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A charitable home in Accra, Ghana, our aim is to provide parental care, health care, education, love and support to children who have lost or been abandoned by their parents.

African Street Kids - Orphanage Foundation (ASK-OF) is a non-governmental organization committed to providing the needs of orphans and street children victimized by HIV/AIDS or physically challenge in the society, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, class, religion, colour, cultural difference or social background, it will help orphans to fit into the society morally, spiritually and mentally.

We are daily mixing with street Kids in Accra, Ghana, to enable us to find the kids in greatest need of support from ASK-OF.


Bus Stop Kids

There is a part of Accra that needs our undivided attention. A part of Accra that needs our help, a part of Accra that is looked down on and ignored by the local people, and sadly, it is mostly children, Girls. Early in the morning you will hear the sound of Accra waking around 5.30am, in the centre of Accra there is a bus station, an open station with no covering. All the buses large and mini start appearing at around 6.30am. By 9.00am the station in busier than Heathrow Airport with buses coming and going. They continue in and out of the station until around 6pm. By 7pm there are no buses, the station becomes empty and quiet. Then slowly the station begins to fill again, but this time it is with children of all ages. It is no longer a bus station; it is a home for the homeless children. Many of these children have children of there own.

Many children were attracted to Accra by promising stories from friends and peers. In reality, street life is much harder than most children expect. The street children struggle to take care of themselves. They try to make a living by doing all kinds of jobs. The boys often earn money by shining shoes, pushing trucks, gathering refuse and carrying it to the dump site. Some street children are 'hawkers' which means they try to sell their wares (often small items like chewing gum) hanging around, especially by chasing vehicles. The girls often sell water, oranges and bread. Some children sell plastic bags at the market. You can also find a vast number of girls who carry loads of goods in bowls on their heads. These girls are called the "kaya yee".



We have recently been receiving news about potential donors to the ASKOF charity being contacted via Facebook and/or email and being asked for donations to the orphanage. Needless to say, the donations are not directed to the orphanage, but rather to unscrupulous individuals pretending to be part of the ASKOF organisation.

We do not contact donors in this manner. If an email is not from address like example@askof.org or example@glory-people.org, it is not from us. If you are at all unsure, contact us via the contact form of this site and we will ensure that your dealings are solely with genuine ASKOF staff.